Top of the line Software and Hardware solutions

The beginning of 2018 was, for International Lazar Company, the start of a new integrated informatics project. The Lazar - Windsoft partnership was established through the implementation of a complete solution, which integrates the information flows and the specific activities.
The traceability and the real-time observation of operational flows, route planning and optimization, cost follow-up for transport, distribution, maintenance and repairs, have the immediate effect of increasing productivity and the conducted volumes, the increase in quality of services provided, monitoring and increasing the performance of processes and activities.

The Transics - WABCO Fleet Management System:

Transics - WABCO Belgium Fleet Management System, through on-board Quattro and TX-SKY computers, installed on the whole fleet and integrated with the WindNet - ERP system.
TX-SKY and Quattro are completely integrated within the back-office software TX-Connect and standard connected to the vehicle's Can Bus and tachograph.
The systems registers all driver and truck information, as well as the data from other sources, such as the document scanners, allowing the driver and the coordinator to exchange information in real time.
The installation, management, maintenance and direct servicing within the company through its own dedicated department, IT&GPS.