Quality and management

  • Fleet management
  • Truck watching by GPS & GSM roaming system. The clients possibility to find out the position of hired trucks directly by GPS. This can be performed by assigning the client, upon request, an user name and a password

  •  From 30 Jun 2008 we started the implementation project Transics Fleet Management with board computers Quattro plus.
    - Presentation of Transics Company
    - Presentation of the board computer Quattro plus
    "Transics helped us to improve our services offered to the customers. This way, they are informed in real time where their goods are. They make easier the work of the dispatchers and helped them to work more efficiently. Transics made us save money which is vital in these tough times."

  •  From 01 December 2008 we started the implementation project Ortec Transport & Distribution.
    - Presentation of Ortec Company
    - Advantage of implementation OTD project


  • Goods insurance: 
  • up to 200 000EUR coverage for national transports
  • up to 600 000 EUR coverage for international transports
  • any amount depending on customer needs CMR coverage for the special goods transports
  • Permanent rendered services provided between 6.30 - 22.00 o'clock for clients and fleet
  • Careful and periodical staff training
  • Training of the specialized staff within the company for the purpose of making the employees become loyal and fit them with the specific business of the company
  • Using an integrated financial and logistic management computer system
  • The material base equipped with state of the art equipment and high level facilities