In 2012 we consolidated the logistics sector by building a new production and storage in Bascov. With an area of ​​19000sqm, located 200m from the crossroad of the A1 Bucharest-Pitesti withDN7, it is equipped with five docks and an inner railway to facilitate the access to the national railways. 
Consolidation continues in 2015 through a project involving an expansion of 13000mp of the logistics park which is currently rented for production activities.


  • equipped with advanced safety systems and fire exstinguisher systems
  • individual sewage network and rainwater evacuation system equipped with all necessary environmental protection systems in accordance to all effective standards.
  • 800 kva generator able to sustain all warehouse equipments without any disturbance of the activity, regardless of the voltage drop period.
  • the roof is built using only high-tech roofing products and provides natural light during the day, thus saving energy costs. 
  • individual parking and acces roads, total surface of 13.000 sqm
  • heating system with radiant panels and gas heating station
  • individual water supply through a drilled well 60m depth 
  • office area of 2700 sqm

In 2017, we have started two other important projects for the development and consolidation of the logistics sector. Thus, we have built the warehouse at Gaesti, Dambovita county, with a surface of 5000 sqm, a warehouse which will be rented for the production of components for Arctic Gaesti.
In October 2017, we have started the work for the construction of an industrial railway terminal with the length of 900 meters, a project worth 700,000 EUR.

BAT Logistics Platform

The warehouse especially built for heavy materials storage with a surface of 6300 sqm is located in BAT Bascov premises. Probably unique in Romania, with a structure entirely metallic, detachable, with a concrete floor that stands a weight of 40t/sqm, with railway connection (the length of its own railway is 287 m) and 2 cranes (20t and 23 m opening and 32 t with 34 m opening).  

This investment of 3.400.000 EUR was finalized in December 2011.


Logistics Platform

We always used the principle of flexibility and adaptability to our customers' requests. Therefore, we are developing now the volume of the logistic services offered through a new warehouse in Bascov, of 9000 sqm having the value of 4.000.000 euros, at 200 meters from the junction of Bucharest - Pitesti highway with DN 7 ( Pitesti - Rm. Valcea - Sibiu ), so it is accessible with all necessary conditions of a new modern warehouse built to satisfy a large variety of customers' requests .

Aerial view: